Sunday, May 27, 2012

Goals for the Week!

I thought since I was basically making a to-do list for this week, that I might as well share my goal list with whoever reads my blog. Here are the things I'm planning for this week, some might sound boring, or all might sound boring, lol...just depends on who's reading: 

1) College class schedule - I definitely need to get that set in stone and re-plan the classes I need to take. The schedule I had didn't go as planned, so now it's time to go a different route and take some other classes.

2) Learn how to trim my hair - I really don't want to go to a stylist right now to trim my hair, and I feel much more comfortable doing it myself. I have cut my hair in the past, but a trim is a little different, and I wanna make sure I get it right.

3) Learn more basic skills for conducting - Because I will be working with choir at my camp job, I need to work on my basic conducting skills and add more skills to what I already know. This will also help me in future classes I need to take for my music degree.

4) Eat CLEAN! - I have been struggling with food for a while, and I really want to try eating clean for at least ONE WEEK with absolutely NO JUNK FOOD OR SODA.

5) Cook one clean meal a day - I really want to have better cooking skills, and I feel that this will help me extremely. Also, If I'm going to eat clean for one week, I need to give myself better options, instead of relying on nutrition bars in the morning and other quick packaged foods throughout the day.

6) Learn more make-up skills - In the past, I haven't really worn make-up that much, except for lip gloss and eye-liner, and I haven't worn foundation since high school. I mostly wore foundation in high school because I had acne and discoloration problems in my skin. As foundation became a hassle, I gradually began to use less and less of it, until I stopped using it all together. Since college, my face has cleared up tremendously, and I've just never felt the need for it. Since I own more make-up pallets now, I want to give myself a base to work on, so I need to buy a good foundation, and start learning how to better use these products. 

Now that you've heard my plans for this boring week, let me give you a quick update on the Insanity program. On Tuesday, the second week of Insanity will be completed, and I will be doing my fit test on Wednesday. Since Tuesday is my rest day, I will probably do a light jog around the park, go bike riding, or do one of my 10 Minute Solution dance DVDs. On Wednesday, I will be back on here telling you how well I did on my fit test. It should be a little better than the first day. Okay guys, that's it! Thanks for reading!

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