Wednesday, May 9, 2012

1 pound lost...39 more to go...

Today was basically hump day, or should I say was hump-day. It's midnight now. I did a dance workout today and walked my dogs, which walking the dogs was a workout in itself. They don't play, lol. I weighed myself mid-week to see if I'm where I need to be. I've already lost 1 pound and hoping to get to 2 -2.5 pounds by the end of this week. I believe I can do it, I just have to focus. My goal is to lose 40 pounds in 4-5 months, but you have to rejoice in the small successes, because that's what brings bigger and better successes. I want to at least be 140 in the end and no smaller than that, because I would like to keep most of my figure, but we'll see. That's all for now. I'll start post pictures soon. Much love.

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